DogFest Windsor 2016



Oscar, post-bath smelling nice and looking clean ready for DogFest

On Saturday 25th June, we had the pleasure of attending one of the biggest doggy events of the year, Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick’s DogFest. Despite the mix of monsoon rain and boiling hot sun, overall it was a wonderful day!

We had an early start, getting up at half 6 to get ready and we arrived at Windsor Great Park at about 10 o’clock.


We immediately headed towards the lovely Guru shack (@gurupetfood) which was situated at the entrance to the park. We received a lovely welcome from the Guru team (it was the first time Oscar has been recognised as and Insta pup 😊) and Oscar got lots of attention and yummy Guru treats. Before heading into the park, we were also given a free sample of Guru, which, needless to say, Oscar loved:

We then entered the park and headed to the K9 Aqua Sports doggy diving so that Oscar could have a go, having missed out last year. We queued for a looong time, occasionally in the rain, but it was well worth it to see Oscar’s excitement at getting to go swimming!! DSC_0143 (1)

He made a lovely new friend while waiting, a black lab puppy who was almost as excited as he was!

After a while I decided to leave my parents to hold our place in the line while I took Oscar for a wander round. While wandering we bumped into my friend and her border collie, Whisper, who is one of Oscar’s best friends and they had a lovely little play together:


Oscar and I also met the beautiful Woody (@thecotswoldspaniel) on our wander, they were also waiting for the doggy diving, Woody was very good at it!

We finally got to meet our wonderful (and very soft!) pawtner, Rolo (@rolo.cockerspaniel) and arranged to meet up later on at the Guru stall.

Taking Oscar back to my parents so he didn’t miss his slot, I used the opportunity to capture some of the doggy diving:

One of the best moments of the diving had to be the man who encouraged his golden retriever to jump from the platform by jumping in himself! Well, it was already raining…

Finally, Oscar’s turn came and he ran towards the platform after the ball, full of confidence until… braaakkkkeeee… ‘I am not jumping off there’. Despite encouragement he decided that it would not be happening so instead resorted to the ramp and had a lovely swim:

Following that little adventure it absolutely poured down so we went to try and find some shelter… That wasn’t happening as all the places that were undercover were packed with people doing the same thing so, accepting that we were already soaked, we just walked around until it stopped.

We then visited the Equafleece stall (@equafleece) as Oscar was very wet and cold at this point. He tried on a lovely maroon tankie and it was a great fit so we bought it and continued on our way, he seemed to love it and soon dried!

Finally, after seeing all the lovely stalls with beautiful bandanas and collars, beds and toys and saying hello to lots of lovely dogs and their owners, we went to meet the lovely Rolo at the Guru shack. They both got lots of tickles from the Guru team and had some nice photos together before calling it a day.

It was time to go home with one very tired pup and 3 very tired humans. Oscar slept for the rest of the day: a sign that it was a great one and we can’t wait for DogFest next year!

Lucy x