KONG Wobbler Review

‘The ultimate solution for dogs who hoover their food’DSC_0027.jpg

Oscar, like many dogs, gets so excited about food that he very much struggles to pace himself while eating his dinner and often races himself to see who can finish first. (Strangely, he always wins!)

Having tried slow feeding bowls and the like and finding they weren’t really helping, we came across a wonderful contraption, a large KONG Wobbler, online and decided to try it out. We immediately saw results.

At first, Oscar struggled to figure out how he was supposed DSC_0007.jpgto get the food out of the little hole on the side but soon got to work rolling it around with his nose and finding, with excitement, the little bits of food that had fallen out on the floor. After about 6 months of use, he still loves having his dinner in his Kong Wobbler and it has really solved the manic-eating issue, making it the ultimate solution for dogs who hoover their food.  It also makes his dinner-times a lot more interesting, fun and stimulating.DSC_0619

Before the KONG arrived, we had worried that Osc’s food (Guru cold-pressed) would not fit through the hole, however we were happy to find that the food was in fact the perfect size and comes out infrequently enough that dinner lasts a reasonable time (about 15 minutes)

The KONG Wobbler comes in two parts that screw together. The bottom part is made heavy so that it supposedly stays standing. This is where we put the food in, then the top part (dishwasher-friendly) screws onto the bottom. The parts join together tightly so there is no risk of the Wobbler unscrewing while pup is rolling it around.

Needless to say the condition of the KONG has deteriorated over time and it is now covered in scratches as a result of it getting stuck in small spaces and being in-delicately fished out with dog claws, however, it is still in good working order, just slightly less shiny and aesthetically pleasing.

I would very much recommend this product for hoover dogs and have found that it works very well.


  • Really slows down speedy-eaters, decreasing health risks associated with eating food too quickly
  • Fun and stimulating – good for doggy brains
  • Gives the humans 15 minutes of peace
  • Lasting well
  • Top part dishwasher-friendly
  • High quality
  • Seemingly long-lasting


  • Bottom part has to be washed by hand
  • Can make a fair bit of noise when being smashed about (usually used in the garden instead of indoors)

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Lucy x