Our Top Collar Box

35788465151_d9d424493f_oA short while ago, I received a message from TopCollar Box asking if we’d be interested in receiving some trial treats for a small delivery cost of just £1. I thought it would be nice to try them out so ordered a box.

A few days later, Postman Leighton brought the package, much to Oscar’s horror (he doesn’t like the postman).  The treats were nicely packaged and the label had a photo of Oscar that I had selected while ordering, giving the box a more personal feel.

On opening up the parcel, Oscar was very interested in the DSC_0092.jpgpacket of biscuits which, I might add, are also packaged beautifully, the label looks lovely, nice and bright and the packet has a seal for easier storage and longer lasting crunchy biscuits.

We received the treats of the fortnight which were heart-shaped and pork-pie-flavoured biscuits (yum!). Also, on looking at the ingredients on the back, we found they contain only gluten-free flour, pork liver, eggs (free-range to be precise), milk and butter, with a promise that this small company only uses ‘fresh and natural ingredients’, which is DSC_0161always good to hear!

The taste test was very successful. Oscar was very impressed and soon set to work figuring out how he could eat the whole packet. Even before I managed to take any photos of him, he was trying to open them up himself and got some nice muddy marks on the bag.

We love that the treats are takes on human foods as it gives a healthier, but still tasty, alternative to the food us humans like to eat.

Finally, we’d like to add that should you wish to cancel your subscription at any point, it is nice and easy to do on the website, once you’ve received your first box.

In Conclusion…

  • Fun and tasty little treats
  • Nice packaging with quality feel
  • Personal touch with dog’s photo
  • Natural, fresh ingredients only
  • Gluten free
  • Fun for playing catch
  • Box every fortnight (although can change to once a month if preferred)

Lucy x