A Holiday in the Cambrian Mountains, Wales, Summer 2017

Welcome to the story of our summer holiday. I decided to write this, much like last year, to give a behind-the-scenes look at our holiday and the places we visited as there is only so much information you are able to give in an Instagram post.

For this summer’s holiday we visited Wales. We were originally looking for a place in Pembrokeshire as this is our usual Welsh holiday-location-choice but we were unable to find one that fitted with time off work, therefore we decided to try staying elsewhere in Wales and found a lovely place in Mid-Wales.

The Holiday Home


For our 2 week holiday in the Cambrian Mountains, we stayed in a lovely farmhouse near Devil’s Bridge. The view from the house was amazing and the inside was just as lovely. Our favourite part was the conservatory which allowed us to look out over the mountains and watch the variety of birds on the feeder (incl. blue tits, coal tits and a woodpecker) in the garden, all while sitting comfortably inside. The only downside was that the garden was not enclosed so Oscar had to be on his long line at all times when outside, although, this was bearable. Also, much to his horror, he wasn’t allowed in the pond!

The View

Stupidly, I never took a wide angle photo of the view to give an idea of just how good it was, but I did take this photo with my 50mm lens while the sun was beginning to set and it gives a good look at the gorgeous landscape.


Our Favourite Walks

Dinas Reservoir

We were able to see this reservoir from our house and on our first full day we walked down to the water through some lovely, very green woods, complete with sheep. It wasn’t that much of a walk but was beautiful all the same.


Bwlch Nant Yr Arian

We visited the lovely Bwlch Nant Yr Arian on our second day and it immediately became our favourite place. This park is part of ‘National Resources Wales’ and is described as their “most popular woodland in mid Wales”. There are a few walks available, the purple ‘Barcud Trail’ is the easiest and takes you around the lake where the Red Kites are fed daily at 3pm, an amazing sight.


The walk takes about half an hour and is particularly beautiful in the evening. We never tried the yellow route but this is the ‘Miners Trail’ and is the middle difficulty walk. It follows an aqueduct that used to carry water to lead mines.

DSC_0086Finally, the red ‘Ridgetop Trail’ was our favourite of the walks. It takes you along the mountains, providing amazing views all the way and the chance to climb up to amazing viewpoints for great photo opportunities. The mountains were covered in heather which was particularly lovely for photos as we don’t have a lot of heather back home. We also liked that there was a café as it was nice to be able to get a hot drink after a walk and to watch the red kites if they were still around. It was also a great opportunity for Oscar to practise sitting still while we’re eating/drinking as he doesn’t get a lot ofDSC_0170edit.jpg practice at this (he’s usually a bit too excitable to take to restaurants and this was good as we were able to sit outside). Bwlch Nant Yr Arian is a great place and I cannot recommend it enough if ever you’re in the area, even just for a little walk around the lake. Also if you can make it at 3pm, you’ll be able to see the Red Kites swooping down to collect their food and you’re able to get nice and close up!

Nant-y-moch Reservoir and Dam


Just a short scenic drive from where we were staying (featuring highland cattle), we visited this beautiful reservoir and dam during our first week. The expanse of water and the landscape is just breathtaking and it’s lovely to be able to walk/drive over the dam to fully appreciate the view. The reservoir is used to produce a large amount of hydroelectric power and the water used drains into Dinas Reservoir (mentioned above).

Elan Valley

DSC_0427.JPGThe Elan Valley is an area full of reservoirs, dams and rivers and was about an hour’s drive from the house. To get there, we (of course) took the scenic route through the mountains. Seeing the natural beauty of this place never gets old. As soon as you get into the Elan Valley, you start seeing the dams which, despite being large concrete structures, have a certain beauty to them, particularly in amongst the mountains and reservoirs and I enjoyed photographing them. We arrived at the visitor centre and checked out the shop and exhibition. We then took Oscar for a nice woodland walk from the visitor centre which takes you across a bridge opposite the Caban Coch dam and back down the other side of the river.

On our way home, we stopped off in a small car park next to a stream so Oscar could have a nice paddle and refreshing drink of mountain water. He had a lovely time (he’s easily pleased!)


Just wanted to add in a couple of food recommendations.

Hafod Hotel

Featured in the BBC drama ‘Hinterland’, the Hafod Hotel, Devil’s Bridge, has a lovely restaurant attached. The menu features burgers, ribs and steak as well as fish and pasta, so there is a wide range and the restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced produce, I must say the food is delicious! We must have visited Haford about 4 times as it became a reliable place for a meal out. The restaurant is dog friendly but Oscar stayed in his crate as he can be a bit of a handful with a lot of people and a lot going on but he likes his crate so this is okay. There are also tables outside.

Bwlch Nant Yr Arian Café

This is not a place for a big meal but we loved having a drink and snack in this café after a fairly long walk. We can particularly recommend the scones with cream/butter and jam or the carrot cake. The café has a nice decking area outside with tables that are well spaced so if you have a slightly nervous dog or a dog you’re trying to train (or one that wants to say hello to every dog he sees), this can be a lot less stressful.

Red Kite Café

We popped in to the Red Kite Café on our last day for a delicious breakfast before our journey home-home. It was a real shame we only ended up going once, the food was lovely, and the sausages which are produced by a local butcher were gorgeous, it was a pity we weren’t able to bring any home! 😂

I hope you enjoyed reading all about our adventures and I hope my recommendations are helpful if ever you plan a trip to Ceredigion

Thank you for reading!

Lucy x


Our Top Collar Box

35788465151_d9d424493f_oA short while ago, I received a message from TopCollar Box asking if we’d be interested in receiving some trial treats for a small delivery cost of just £1. I thought it would be nice to try them out so ordered a box.

A few days later, Postman Leighton brought the package, much to Oscar’s horror (he doesn’t like the postman).  The treats were nicely packaged and the label had a photo of Oscar that I had selected while ordering, giving the box a more personal feel.

On opening up the parcel, Oscar was very interested in the DSC_0092.jpgpacket of biscuits which, I might add, are also packaged beautifully, the label looks lovely, nice and bright and the packet has a seal for easier storage and longer lasting crunchy biscuits.

We received the treats of the fortnight which were heart-shaped and pork-pie-flavoured biscuits (yum!). Also, on looking at the ingredients on the back, we found they contain only gluten-free flour, pork liver, eggs (free-range to be precise), milk and butter, with a promise that this small company only uses ‘fresh and natural ingredients’, which is DSC_0161always good to hear!

The taste test was very successful. Oscar was very impressed and soon set to work figuring out how he could eat the whole packet. Even before I managed to take any photos of him, he was trying to open them up himself and got some nice muddy marks on the bag.

We love that the treats are takes on human foods as it gives a healthier, but still tasty, alternative to the food us humans like to eat.

Finally, we’d like to add that should you wish to cancel your subscription at any point, it is nice and easy to do on the website, once you’ve received your first box.

In Conclusion…

  • Fun and tasty little treats
  • Nice packaging with quality feel
  • Personal touch with dog’s photo
  • Natural, fresh ingredients only
  • Gluten free
  • Fun for playing catch
  • Box every fortnight (although can change to once a month if preferred)

Lucy x


KONG Wobbler Review

‘The ultimate solution for dogs who hoover their food’DSC_0027.jpg

Oscar, like many dogs, gets so excited about food that he very much struggles to pace himself while eating his dinner and often races himself to see who can finish first. (Strangely, he always wins!)

Having tried slow feeding bowls and the like and finding they weren’t really helping, we came across a wonderful contraption, a large KONG Wobbler, online and decided to try it out. We immediately saw results.

At first, Oscar struggled to figure out how he was supposed DSC_0007.jpgto get the food out of the little hole on the side but soon got to work rolling it around with his nose and finding, with excitement, the little bits of food that had fallen out on the floor. After about 6 months of use, he still loves having his dinner in his Kong Wobbler and it has really solved the manic-eating issue, making it the ultimate solution for dogs who hoover their food.  It also makes his dinner-times a lot more interesting, fun and stimulating.DSC_0619

Before the KONG arrived, we had worried that Osc’s food (Guru cold-pressed) would not fit through the hole, however we were happy to find that the food was in fact the perfect size and comes out infrequently enough that dinner lasts a reasonable time (about 15 minutes)

The KONG Wobbler comes in two parts that screw together. The bottom part is made heavy so that it supposedly stays standing. This is where we put the food in, then the top part (dishwasher-friendly) screws onto the bottom. The parts join together tightly so there is no risk of the Wobbler unscrewing while pup is rolling it around.

Needless to say the condition of the KONG has deteriorated over time and it is now covered in scratches as a result of it getting stuck in small spaces and being in-delicately fished out with dog claws, however, it is still in good working order, just slightly less shiny and aesthetically pleasing.

I would very much recommend this product for hoover dogs and have found that it works very well.


  • Really slows down speedy-eaters, decreasing health risks associated with eating food too quickly
  • Fun and stimulating – good for doggy brains
  • Gives the humans 15 minutes of peace
  • Lasting well
  • Top part dishwasher-friendly
  • High quality
  • Seemingly long-lasting


  • Bottom part has to be washed by hand
  • Can make a fair bit of noise when being smashed about (usually used in the garden instead of indoors)

Click here to view on Amazon UK

Lucy x


Animology: White Wash Shampoo review

In September we received the Animology White Wash shampoo as a free sample to try out on Oscar.

Initial thoughts

The design of the bottle is simple yet effective with all the relevant information such as the ingredients list and key words like ‘deodorising’ and ‘pH balanced’. The shampoo smells lovely, with a nice, mild citrus-y smell (hard to describe).



Using the shampoo:

The shampoo is quite runny which, on the one hand, is nice as this makes it easier to lather, however, it would be better if the bottle had a ‘no-drip seal’ within the opening to keep the shampoo in, so that you wouldn’t end up using more than you need. The smell is lovely and the shampoo washes out very easily, making for a more hassle-free bath.




Am I pretty?

This shampoo is great, it really does what it says on the bottle! While washing Oscar I noticed that it really brightened the fur on his legs in particular. It’s quite hard to tell how much brighter he is as he has a lot of little tan patches in his fur but I would definitely say he is whiter. It also got rid of those nasty yellow stains around his tummy so he looks brand new and his ruff looks lovely! The shampoo contains a conditioner as well so he’s now beautifully soft and did I mention how lovely he smells?

Another bonus is that the shampoo is gentle, so for dogs with skin problems, such as sensitive skin (often a problem with white dogs), this shampoo is a great option. It contains pro-vitamin B5, used in a lot of human toiletry products, which moisturises and hydrates the skin.



  •  Really does whiten the coat
  • Good for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Smells lovely but not too overpowering
  • Makes dog beautifully soft as contains conditioner
  • Lathers very well
  • Rinses easily
  • Makes human hands smell lovely too 😊


  • Bottle opening could do with a seal – runs out quickly
  • Quite expensive at £4.99 per 250ml bottle but worth it!


Note: I received this product as a free sample but this has had no impact on my review, which is honest and fair

Oscar’s Holiday in Scotland

DSC_0105This year we decided to have our summer holiday in Scotland. It took a long time to find a cottage that suited our needs, in the place we wanted – dog friendly, in the countryside, reasonably close to family. Eventually we found ‘Tarabuckle’, a beautiful cottage in Glen Clova, Angus, slightly more in-the-middle-of-nowhere than we would have liked, with a 15 minute drive to civilisation but it was beautiful so we booked it for 2 weeks from the 9th July to 23rd July!

Early Saturday morning on the 9th, we got up and ready, taking Oscar for a quick walk before starting our 12 hour car journey to the beautiful Tarabuckle. It was quite a hike and we stopped plenty of times for a well needed break but we finally arrived at 8pmDSC_0304 (3)-01

The cottage was gorgeous, inside and out and very cosy. One lucky Oscar was very excited to be able to sleep in my bedroom and, by the third night, in my bed!

We had a lazy weekend, just staying around the cottage on the Sunday and on Monday we had a little walk around Glen Clova then visited family. Oscar got to meet my cousin’s two cockers which was nice for him.

The ‘Blue Door Walk’, Edzell

Tuesday was another lazy day but on the Wednesday we went on the ‘Blue Door Walk’, Edzell, where we’ve stayed previously, it’s a beautiful walk alongside the river in the woods and Oscar had the opportunity to have a paddle in the water – very exciting. 😂

Loch Lee, Glenesk

On Thursday we visited Loch Lee, Glenesk, a gorgeous lake surrounded by mountains, it was so beautiful and was a lovely walk, Oscar loved it! Again, Oscar got to go in the water so it had to be a great day!

St. Cyrus Beach and Nature Reserve

Friday was a rainy day but we packed our macs and headed to the beach so that Oscar could have a nice big run-around. There was nobody else there (!!!) so he was allowed off the lead (an uncommon occurrence) and we played fetch while walking up the beach in the pouring rain, he loved it! Unfortunately we came to some jellyfish that had been washed up, so Osc had to go back on the lead and we headed back to the car, our coats dripping and our trousers soaked through! We then put Oscar in his Equafleece and went to visit family. He fell asleep almost as soon as we got there and loved all the attention he was getting from my Aunty and cousin 😂

Corrie Fee, Glen Clova

On Saturday we drove a short way to Glen Doll and walked up the mountain to a wonderful viewpoint over Corrie Fee, about a 4.5 mile walk (there and back), beside the River Esk. This was a lovely walk, it was a good loose gravel path all the way and there is the opportunity to continue on through Corrie Fee at the top. Unfortunately it was getting quite late when we got there due to a late start so we decided to head back rather than continue.

Lunan Bay

Sunday was rainy and we headed to Lunan Bay (apparently we just go to the beach when it rains 😂) There weren’t many people when we first got there so Oscar got a good game of fetch off the lead and when more people began turning up, Oscar had a play with some other dogs, so was in his idea of heaven! Another lovely day!


On Monday we travelled to Pitlochry (~1 hr 30 mins) to look at the salmon run, it was a little early to see the salmon but it was great to see and there were beautiful views over the river. Oscar had a nice little walk around and he liked looking at the view too!

Afterwards we drove to Montrose and Oscar had a nice sleep in the car while we went to have dinner in Roo’s Leap restaurant (very good!) and we then had a very quick trip to the seafront in the gorgeous golden hour. Then it was back home to have a cosy evening watching a film.

Crathes Castle via Cairn O’Mount Viewpoint and Bridge of Feugh, Banchory

Tuesday began with rather a long drive, we visited Crathes castle via the Fettercairn-Banchory road which takes you to an amazing viewpoint (of course Oscar had to pose for a photo) and then on to Banchory to watch the salmon leaping at the Bridge of Feugh, amazing to see! We had our picnic and got Oscar an ice cream from the ice cream van – yummy!

We carried on from Banchory to Crathes Castle for a nice forest walk as it was hot. We went to the café first for a nice cold drink and a snack and Oscar got some free biscuits. Then we started the forest trail. We got a little lost but a friendly local lady soon pointed us in the right direction.

On Wednesday it was pouring with rain so we mostly stayed in apart from a couple of little walks when the rain stopped

Glen Doll then a Birthday Party

On Thursday we went to Glen Doll in the morning for a lovely walk beside the river (and a nice swim for Oscar) before going to my cousin’s 5th birthday barbecue, a bit boring for Oscar who stayed in his crate most of the time but he still got lots of attention so he was happy.


It was Friday, our last full day of the holiday and we started the day once again with a walk beside the river at Glen Doll, gorgeous! We then went to a lovely little coastal town called ‘Stonehaven’. We’d been meaning to visit so on the last day we invited my Aunty and cousin along for a day out. We had an amazing ice cream from ‘Aunty Betty’s’ (Oscar shared one with my mum) and we walked along the seafront. Afterwards, we went back to my Aunty’s house for a cup of tea and Oscar had a nice play and some dinner. We then left Oscar there while we went out for dinner. He had a lovely time and didn’t want to leave (apparently he was a very good boy too!) After collecting Oscar we said our goodbyes and went home to finish packing ready for the next day.

Saturday morning we packed up the car and said goodbye to the lovely Tarabuckle! The journey home seemed a lot quicker despite numerous stops and we were home sweet home in just over 10 hours. All in all, a lovely holiday with gorgeous sights and Oscar had a lovely time, which was the main thing!

Lucy x

DogFest Windsor 2016



Oscar, post-bath smelling nice and looking clean ready for DogFest

On Saturday 25th June, we had the pleasure of attending one of the biggest doggy events of the year, Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick’s DogFest. Despite the mix of monsoon rain and boiling hot sun, overall it was a wonderful day!

We had an early start, getting up at half 6 to get ready and we arrived at Windsor Great Park at about 10 o’clock.


We immediately headed towards the lovely Guru shack (@gurupetfood) which was situated at the entrance to the park. We received a lovely welcome from the Guru team (it was the first time Oscar has been recognised as and Insta pup 😊) and Oscar got lots of attention and yummy Guru treats. Before heading into the park, we were also given a free sample of Guru, which, needless to say, Oscar loved:

We then entered the park and headed to the K9 Aqua Sports doggy diving so that Oscar could have a go, having missed out last year. We queued for a looong time, occasionally in the rain, but it was well worth it to see Oscar’s excitement at getting to go swimming!! DSC_0143 (1)

He made a lovely new friend while waiting, a black lab puppy who was almost as excited as he was!

After a while I decided to leave my parents to hold our place in the line while I took Oscar for a wander round. While wandering we bumped into my friend and her border collie, Whisper, who is one of Oscar’s best friends and they had a lovely little play together:


Oscar and I also met the beautiful Woody (@thecotswoldspaniel) on our wander, they were also waiting for the doggy diving, Woody was very good at it!

We finally got to meet our wonderful (and very soft!) pawtner, Rolo (@rolo.cockerspaniel) and arranged to meet up later on at the Guru stall.

Taking Oscar back to my parents so he didn’t miss his slot, I used the opportunity to capture some of the doggy diving:

One of the best moments of the diving had to be the man who encouraged his golden retriever to jump from the platform by jumping in himself! Well, it was already raining…

Finally, Oscar’s turn came and he ran towards the platform after the ball, full of confidence until… braaakkkkeeee… ‘I am not jumping off there’. Despite encouragement he decided that it would not be happening so instead resorted to the ramp and had a lovely swim:

Following that little adventure it absolutely poured down so we went to try and find some shelter… That wasn’t happening as all the places that were undercover were packed with people doing the same thing so, accepting that we were already soaked, we just walked around until it stopped.

We then visited the Equafleece stall (@equafleece) as Oscar was very wet and cold at this point. He tried on a lovely maroon tankie and it was a great fit so we bought it and continued on our way, he seemed to love it and soon dried!

Finally, after seeing all the lovely stalls with beautiful bandanas and collars, beds and toys and saying hello to lots of lovely dogs and their owners, we went to meet the lovely Rolo at the Guru shack. They both got lots of tickles from the Guru team and had some nice photos together before calling it a day.

It was time to go home with one very tired pup and 3 very tired humans. Oscar slept for the rest of the day: a sign that it was a great one and we can’t wait for DogFest next year!

Lucy x